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Dual USB power supply controller using ISL6185

2014-11-24 17:42  
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Using the ISL6185 USB power controller family can be designed a very simple USB power supply electronic project that provides fully independent overcurrent (OC) fault protection for two or more USB ports.

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This product family consists of sixteen individual functional product variants and three package options and is operation rated for a nominal +2.5V to +5V range and specified over the full commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Each ISL6185 type incorporates in a single package two 71mΩ P-channel MOSFET power switches for power control and features internal current monitoring, accurate current limiting and current limited delay to turn-off for system supply protection along with control and communication I/O.

The ISL6185 family offers product variants with specified continuous output current levels of 0.6A, 1.1A, 1.5A or 1.8A. Due to all integrated features this power supply circuit is very easy to be designed and require few electronic parts .
ISL6185 USB power supply controller electronic project