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Dual Voltage 12V Power Supply

2015-03-20 06:23  
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The following circuit Diagram of (DUAL VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY ) can be used for Misc.. application. It requires a few components to built. The most important components of this circuit are REGULATORS. 1 : (AN) 7812 and 2 : (AN) 7912 AN7812 is the Positive Voltage Regulator. It regulates the voltage from (almost) 24vDC to 12vDC (accurate). AN7912 is the Negative Voltage Regulator. It regulates the voltage from (almost) -24vDC to -12vDC. A transformer output must be between 12vAC to 24vAC @ 500mA. Input of transformer (Primary) should be about 110vAc-220vAC. It also include some capacitors to filter the current. visit page.Dual Voltage 12V Power Supply - schematic