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Dual power supply using L165

2016-04-20 07:37  
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This dual power supply is based on the L165 power operational amplifier from SGS-Thomson Micro electronics. The IC L165 can easily deliver up to 3.5A of current (internally limited). The IC is available in Pentawatt package and is very suitable for power supply applications like this. Here the L165 is wired as a voltage amplifier which amplifies the voltage available at the junction between R1 and R2.The output voltage will be always half of the input voltage (Vin).For example if you give 24V at the input (Vin), you will get a +12V/-12 V at the output.C2 is the input filter capacitor and C1 is the input decoupling capacitor. C4 and C5 and meant for improving the symmetry of the output voltage.

Circuit diagram.



The tracks on the PCB must be broad enough to handle up to 3A. Do not give more than 36V at the input (Vin). A proper heat sink must be fitted on the IC.