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FAN7710 ballast control

2015-03-20 20:26  
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Using the FAN7710 Ballast Control IC for Compact Fluorescent Lamps developed using Fairchild’s unique highvoltage process and system-in-package (SiP) concept we can design a very simple low cost fluorescent lamp driver electronic project .
The FAN7710 ballast control controls internal high-voltage stress and delivers 20W to the lamp at 320VDC voltage. FAN7710 ballast control incorporates a preheating /ignition function, controlled by an user-selected external capacitor, to increase lamp life. The FAN7710 detects switch operation from after ignition-mode through an internal active Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) control circuit.
The high-side driver built into the FAN7710 has a common mode noise cancellation circuit that provides robust operation against high-dv/dt noise intrusion.

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The AC line input voltage (230 VAC 50 Hz) is rectified to provide a bus voltage of approximately 320 volts DC. Startup resistor R1 supplies initial power to the FAN7710 IC.
The IC begins to oscillate and the charge pump circuit consisting of C2, D2 and D7 supplies the current to the VDD pin, which gets regulated through the internal 15-V shunt regulator.
If you want to change the design (for example to modify the input voltage ) take a look in the datasheet of IC to see how to calculate the components values for your new design .

Ballast control schematic circuit for energy saving lights bulbs using FAN7710
Ballast control schematic circuit components using FAN7710