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Fast low power data aquisition circuit

2015-03-19 05:15  
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The low-power data acquisition system of illegal income USB communication interface design. The design of the main ultra-low power MCU MSP430F13X control chip, the main control chip, connected Cygnal’s switch to USB UART chip CP2101, low-power data acquisition system USB interface design. In the IAR Embedded Workbench integrated development environment and VC + + environment, edit the MCU and the host communication protocol.A low cost, high-speed monolithic analog multiplexer. The system works as follows: Selects a channel and initiates a conversion at G = 1 and then looks at the MSB of the conversion result. If the MSB = 1, the ?? will store the value. If the MSB = 0, the ?? will select G = 2. The ?? will repeat the cycle of gain incrementing, comparison, and analog-to-digital conversion until the MSB = 1.The ?? will then test for an output of all l's, as this is the full-scale output of the A/D. If the output is all l's, the ?? will decrement the gain by 1 step and perform the final conversion.The design of ultra-low power, high integration and the advantages of simple design, suitable for the development and application of portable electronic devices.

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