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Full Wave Power Supply

2014-11-06 20:13  
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Make a full wave rectifier, as it is cheaper and better than a half wave one and has less AC ripple. Full wave rectification can be accomplished by two ways, either by a center-tapped transformer using two diodes, or by a bridge circuit, which uses four diodes.

full wave rectifier

We need center tapped transformer as used in the earlier circuit. .As already described, in this transformer, you have three wires on the secondary side. Simply speaking in this transformer center wire is taken as zero reference; two outside wires give you equal voltages. Say for a 6-0-6 transformer, center wire gives 0 volts while both ends give 6 volts each. The circuit is shown in Schematic 2.

Connect diodes, capacitor and resistor and LED just as in earlier project but follow the circuit is shown in the Figure below. Now if you wish to use the same 6-0-6 transformer, you will get 6V DC. If you wish to have 12 V DC by this method, you should get a 12 – 0 -12 transformer.

Solder lOOOuf / 25Vcapacitor after carefully noting the polarity. Negative side of the pin is marked on the can. A light emitting diode along with lK-x/4 watt resistor in series with it is idded to indicate that the power supply is on.

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