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High Powered Alarm Driver Circuit

2015-03-21 16:49  
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Power Alarm is an anti-theft application for Android devices (phones and tablets). It provides a special level of security when charging your phone in public places (airport, hospital, office, etc.). When the alarm is activated, if your Android device is unplugged from its power source, Power Alarm vibrates and sounds an alarm.In this circuit, a low-powered SCR  is used to trigger a liigher powered SCR. When a switch is opening (S2, S3, S4) or closing (S5, S6, S7), either SCR1 or SCR2 triggers.This triggers SCR3 via Dl, D2, and R5. BZ1 is a high-powered alarm of the on interrupting type.The alarm has a sound start delay setting where after the phone vibrates the alarm does not sound for the specified delay setting. If you forgot that the alarm is enabled, this enables you to re-connect power and stop the alarm from sounding.

High-Power Alarm Driver Circuit