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High Voltage Power Supply with 300V and 600V DC Output

2014-11-02 22:39  
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Figure 1 

This one is a high voltage power supply circuit that gives an output of 600V DC. The circuit acts as a full wave voltage doubler and when mains voltage (230V) applied to the input the output DC level becomes nearly 600V DC.

There are only a few components in the design. You can see a fuse connected serially to the input with the R1 resistor to protect the circuit against high voltage transients and high current. Then a filter circuitry consists of coils, C1, C2 and C3 capacitors filters the line voltage. C4 and C5 protect the BY127 diodes against high voltage transients and also reduce inter carrier hum modulation of the R.F picked up by the mains.

C7 and C6 are ample for stabilizing the output DC voltage.

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