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How to build Tube Power amp Dynaco ST-70

2015-03-23 20:41  
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Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram

Parts list

R1= 220KohmsR2-22-23= 100KohmsR3= 1.2KohmsR4= 47 ohmsR5= 1KohmsR6= 47KohmsR7= 33Kohms 2WR8= 1MohmsR9-10= 2.2KohmsR11-12= 27KohmsR13-14= 120KohmsR15-16= 1KohmsR17-18= 15 ohms 2WR19-20= 100 ohmsR21= 8.2Kohms 2WC1= 47....100pF 1000V ceramicC2-3-4= 100nF 630VC5= 2X22uF 550VV1= ECC83V2= ECC82V3-4= EL34T1= Audio Transformer

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