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L200 regulator power supply circuit

2014-11-06 12:54  
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The L200 regulator is a monolithic integrated circuit can be used in power supply with voltage and current programmable regulation .This L200 regulator power supply regulation schematic can replace fixed voltage regulators when is required high output voltage precision .
Main features of L200 regulator are : adjustable output current up to 2 ampers , input voltage protection up to 60 V , short circuit protection , thermal overload protection .
The L200 circuit can be used in many other applications like motor controller , lamp controller , battery charger .
The maximum current output for this L200 power supply is calculate using this formula :
Io(max)=Vsc/R2 ; where :
Vsc is Current Limit Sense Voltage between Pins 5 and 2 and it’s typical 0.45 .
The maximum output voltage for L200 power supply can be calculate using these formula :
Vo=Vref(1+Rv1/R1) ; where :
Vref is the voltage reference ( pin 4 ) and is typical 2,77 volts .
The input voltage must be at least 3 volts higher than the desire output voltage .
l200 power supply circuit diagram

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