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L4947PD 5V 0.5A power supply circuit

2015-03-16 22:38  
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This power supply schematic circuit is based on the L4947PD is a monolithic integrated circuit specially designed to provide a stabilized supply voltage for automotive and industrial electronic systems .
The reset function makes the device particularly suited to supply microprocessor based systems : a signal is available to reset the microprocessor when the device is out of regulation and resetting it at the power-on after a settable delay.
Main features of the L4947PD low drop voltage regulator are : precise output voltage ( 5V +/- 4%) , low voltage drop (0.75Vmax) output current up to 500mA , reset function , short circuit protection , thermal shutdown protection , low start up current .
l4947pd 5 volts regulator with resetl4947pd 5V power supply circuit

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