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LCD power supply circuit

2015-03-18 18:48  
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The following figure’s switching regulator generates a negative voltage by the notebook battery supply. The microprocessor data bus drives a 4-bit DAC( 74HC273 ), which in turn can vary the regulator output between 6.5 to 11.5 V. This arrangement enables a staircase of 16 possible voltages between these limits. The LCD power supply circuit implements the DAC by using the rail-to-rail output-drive capability of a 74 HC-series CMOS gate. A resistor divider network made by the 240-kO resistor, connected to the V filter capacitor as well as the resistors, is referenced to the 5 V supply control (the MAX635 regulator).

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Simple LCD Power Supply power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Simple LCD Power Supply
Laptop display commonly apply large screen Lcds, which generally will need a adjustable and a negative supply to ensure highest possible contrast. This circuit works with the system's positive notebook battery supply and generates a digitally adjustable negative voltage to ...

Low Power 5V Switching Regulator
This simple switching regulator circuit have 5 V output, the input provide by a 9 V battery. It?having 80% efficiency and 50mA output capability. How simple switching Regulator works: While Q1 is actually on, its collector voltage increases, delivering current ...

Bipolar /- 15V and 5V from Car Battery supply
This DC to DC Converter use Max 541 from Maxim, IC1 is a switching regulator that generates a 45-kHz signal that drives the gate of MOSFET Q1 BUZ71A from Motorolla. The source?of?this?power supply?comes from?a 12V?car?battery voltage. This DC?to?DC?converter have an ...

Switch Mode Voltage Regulator with 85% efficiency
Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is now widely used in modern electronic equipment due to its compact design and high efficiency of about 80% or more. The switch-mode regulator circuit presented here has an efficiency of around 85%. The circuit ...

Car DC to DC Converter for laptops
Laptops today are the what is called notebook computers, which now is becoming popular. Laptops can be brought into the bag making it suitable for business trips. And even as the "home entertainment center" laptop is more convenient, because it ...

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