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LM741 voltage regulator power supply

2015-03-18 20:43  
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Thelm741 voltage regulator?is a series of rules or a voltage output from power so that some of the increase or decrease the effect of the net voltage has no effect on the ration supply voltages so stable. Technical regulations better is to use the Op-Amp to drive the transistor TR. Zener here does not provide direct feedback to the transistor Q, but as a reference voltage for the Op-Amp IC1 741. Feedback on the negative pin op-amp is a piece of the voltage regulator out.lm741 voltage regulator?In a series of Op-Amp voltage regulator of this output can be adjusted with the set of R1 and R2. The following is a schematiclm741 voltage regulator?drawing:

Power supply regulator using Op Amp.1 LM741 voltage regulator power supply

If the lm741 voltage regulator?out V out Ascending, the voltage V in (-) also Ascending until this voltage equals the reference voltage inches. Likewise out if the voltage V out decreases, eg due to supply current to the load increases, op-amp will maintain stability in the V reference point z with the current IB to the transistor Q1 so that at any time in the op-amps to maintain stability. Ignoring the voltage VBE of transistors Q1 and mensubsitusi formula, derived a mathematical relationship, lm741 voltage regulator.

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