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LNB power supply

2015-03-21 17:35  
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Using the LNBH23L monolithic voltage regulator and interface IC can be designed a very simple high efficiency LNB power supply .
LNBH23L monolithic voltage regulator is specifically designed to provide the 13 / 18 V power supply and the 22 kHz tone signalling to the LNB down-converter in the antenna dish or to the multi-switch box. In this LNB power supply circuit offers a complete solution with extremely low component count, low power dissipation together with simple design and I²C standard interfacing.

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The design for this LNB power supply is very simple and require few external components . LNBH23L voltage regulator has a built-in DC-DC step-up converter that, from a single source from 8 V to 15 V, generates the voltages (VUP) that let the linear post-regulator to work at a minimum dissipated power of 0.55 W typ. @ 500 mA load. An under voltage lockout circuit will disable the whole circuit when the supplied VCC drops below a fixed threshold (6.7 V typically).

Some features of this power supply circuit diagram are : auxiliary modulation input , accurate built-in 22 kHz tone generator suits ,overload and over-temperature internal protections with I²C diagnostic bits , LNB short circuit dynamic protection.
LNBH23L LNB power supply circuit diagram