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MAX668 16 volts power supply

2015-03-23 06:13  
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A very simple and interesting 16 volts power supply can be made using this circuit diagram that is based on the MAX668 constant-frequency, pulse-width modulating (PWM), current-mode DC-DC controller that is designed for a wide range of DC-DC conversion applications  . The MAX668 integrated circuit supports a wide input voltage range from 1.8V to 28V  .

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The MAX668 has operating frequency between 100kHz to 500kHz, soft-start, and a SYNC input that allow the oscillator to be locked to an external clock.
This power supply circuit require an input voltage of 11-14.3 volts and will provide a 16 v output voltage at a maximum current of 4.4 amperes .
At the maximum output power that is around 70 watts , this power supply circuit has a efficiency around 90% .
Capacitor C2-C5 are connected in parallel for ripple current rating. Fewer caps may be used if ripple current ratings allow .

MAX668 16 volts power supply circuit diagram