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2014-11-28 00:03  
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Charging of the cellphone battery isa big problem while travelling aspower supply source is not generallyaccessible. If you keep your cellphoneswitched on continuously, its battery willgo flat within five to six hours, makingthe cellphone useless. A fully charged batterybecomes necessary especially whenyour distance from the nearest relay stationincreases. Heres a simple charger thatreplenishes the cellphone battery withintwo to three hours. visit page.
Basically, the charger is a current-limitedvoltage source. Generally, cellphonebattery packs require 3.6-6V DC and 180-200mA current for charging. These usuallycontain three NiCd cells, each having 1.2Vrating. Current of 100mA is sufficient for visit page.