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Micropower Monitoring Capability

2015-03-23 08:50  
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The LTC®1541 combines a micropower amplifier, comparatorand 1.2V reference in an 8-pin package. The partoperates from a single 2.5V to 12.6V supply with typicalsupply current of 5mA. Both op amp and comparatorfeature a common mode input voltage range that extendsfrom the negative supply to within 1.3V of the positivesupply. The op amp output stage swings from rail-to-rail.Figure 1 lists additional features along with a block diagramof the device. visit page.

The comparator (C) monitors the battery voltage via the 2M1M divider and compares it to the 1.2V reference. A battery voltage above 3.6V holds Cs output high, biasing Q2 on and maintaining the small potential at As

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