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Micropower Rail-to-Rail Op Amps

2014-11-13 17:26  
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The only SOT-23 op amps featuring Over-The-TopTM operationthe ability to operate with either or both inputsabove the positive railare the 55mA LT®1782 and the300mA LT1783. This feature is important in many currentsensingapplications, where the inputs are required tooperate at or above the supply. The wide supply voltagerange, from 2.7V to 18V, gives the LT1782/LT1783 broadappeal as general purpose amplifiers, while the guaranteedoffset voltage of 950mV over temperature is thelowest of any SOT-23 op amp. There is even a shutdownfeature for ultralow supply current applications. visit page.
The LT1782/LT1783 SOT-23 op amps are ideal for generalpurpose applications that demand excellent performance.These SOT-23 op amps are specified at inputcommon mode voltages as high as 18V, independent ofthe supply voltage, making them ideal for ap visit page.