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Mosquito repeller power saver

2016-04-20 06:54  
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Almost all liquidator type mosquito repellers are rated 5Watts. It is a pretty energy consuming game  when these repellers are operated through out the night. Even though these liquidators are switched ON and OFF in discrete intervals there will be no considerable loss in the effectiveness, and more over there will be a great saving of energy. Then why can’t we do that and that’s why I designed this circuit.

The circuit is nothing but an astable multivibrator designed of IC NE 555  (IC1)  operates in a frequency determined by the values of R1 and C2. When the power is switched on the out put of the IC goes high. This makes Q1 to conducts and the relay connects the mains supply to the repeller plugged in the socket shown. After the set time the output of the IC goes low and now the repeller is removed from mains by the relay. This cycle repeats and the repellent will be switched On and OFF in frequent intervals, saving a lot of power. Diodes D2, D3 forms a half wave rectifier with C1 as the filter, supplies the circuit with power.

Circuit diagram with Power supply.

Mosquito Repeller Power Saver Circuit

Mosquito Repeller Power Saver Circuit


Assemble the circuit on a good quality common board or PCB. The intervals of ON and OFF can be adjusted by varying Preset R1. Some parts of the circuit are live with potential shock hazard.Be careful.