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NiMH / Nicad Charger

2015-03-17 16:09  
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I Specifically Designed this circuit to charge 2 Batteries for my Digital Cameras, but it can be modified to charge 3, 4, 5 or more cell. However, It will Not Work with only One Cell as that voltage is too low for even this LDR Discharge Regulator. If you decide to Always charge 4 or more batteries, the REG1117A could be replaced with an LM317. But with only Two cell, this will not work. It is Recommended to set the discharge, Down to 1.1 volts per cell at a rate of 1/10 capacity. This Prevents any Memory from occuring. Therefore on an 1800 mAH battery, the Discharge current would be 180 mA. This is A SLOW PROCESS, And can take MANY HOURS, depending on the charge remaining in the battery. visit page.NiMH / Nicad Charger - schematic
Discharging these types of batteries at a higher rate will Not Recommended and `Can Cause Damage`.A Proper dis-Charge and Re-Charge takes Time,But it is Well Worth it.Additionally in my tests: I have found that the 1 Hour Quick Charge, does not produce as good of results as a 4 hour Charge. But that choice is yours.I use 3 sets of batteries, Each set Numbered and Alternating them is not a problem. visit page.