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Non-isolated switching power supply circuit diagram

2015-03-18 00:18  
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Non-isolated switching power supply circuit diagram
This is a useful non-isolated switching power supply circuit, it is used as the switching power supply of Peony TC - 483D color, including grid filter composed of C80l, C802, bridge rectifier circuit made of VD80l, VD802, a filter composed of R802, C807, peak voltage limiter composed of the varistor VD811; pulse oscillator consists of switch VT80l, pulse transformer T801; pulse width modulator made of VT802; error amplifier made of VT803. It's not difficult to see from the figure, passing through the rectifier filter, 220V AC voltage is connected to output side directly by the primary winding of pulse transformer T801 and switch VT801, there is no isolation. The power supply has 16V, 50V and 113V three kinds of DC voltage output. When VT80l turns on, 113V DC output voltage will supply power to the load, while store electrical energy in C814 and magnetic energy in T801. When VT80l cut off, the N1 ~ N3 windings will produce the induced voltage with left negative and right, to make VD805 positive-skewed on, the energy stored in transformer will supply power to the load and charge to C814; C814 and L80l composition filter circuit, to make the 113V output voltage continuous and smooth.

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