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Odd Block KT88 Series 1 Tube Amp-Power Supply

2016-04-20 09:43  
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Odd Block KT88 Series 1 Tube Amp-Power Supply  Odd Block KT88 Series 1 Tube Amp-Power Supply

A schematic of the ability accumulation is apparent below. Like the amplifier schematic, the ability accumulation ambit is © OddWatt Audio and permission to host the schematic on this armpit has been provided by OddWatt Audio. You are chargeless to use the schematic for personal, non-commercial use.

Mains ability enters the amplifier through an IEC atrium amid at the rear of the amp. The IEC atrium includes a 3 Ampere agglutinate and an EMI filter. The ability agent is an OEM bogus by Edcor with ratings of 180V-0-180V at 250 mA and 12V at 4A. Ability accumulation capacitors are Panasonic ECG alternation 500 volt electrolytic and Solen Polypropyene. The ample ability resistors are Vishay/Dale wire anguish and the actual resistors are carbon film. The High-Tension (HT) accumulation is rectified with STTH5 ultrafast aerial voltage rectifiers and uses CRC filtering. A 12V DC accumulation is acclimated for the tube heaters. An adjustable adjournment ambit is acclimated to adjournment the HT accumulation on ability up.