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Pedalboard Power Supply

2014-11-18 22:40  
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Each of these ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. The multiple transformer way is easy to start small and work up to only as many power supplies as you need. It does, however, get more expensive as the number of supply outputs goes up. Suitable transformers are a bargain at Mouser, as #41PG006 is a 12V/0.06A transformer for under US$3.00. If you really, truly need only three power outputs, then the $9.00 for the three transformers is fine. visit page.Pedalboard Power Supply - schematic
You can wind up your own transformer from a flat-pack transformer using the instructions at the end of this article, and that may be a very cheap way to do this if you can find a flat pack transformer cheap or for free. The secondary voltages don`t m visit page.