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Power Good signal alert

2015-03-22 12:36  
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Power Good signal alert on computer power supply

The schematic diagram come from circuit: “Power Good Signal” Function of PC Power Supply power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.“Power Good Signal” Function of PC Power Supply
This article will discuss about the alert function of pc power supply. The main voltage power supply, which supply the computer is 12 volts. Power supply for this circuit should provide a large output current, especially in computers with lots ...

ATX Power Supply Pinout
The ATX? power supply generates three main voltage outputs that are: 3.3 V ; 5 V ; and 12 V. Low-power ?12 V and 5 VSB (standby) supplies are also generated by this power supply.? The? ?5 V output was ...

Capacitor C5 and potentiometer R12 figure out the frequency of the output signal at pin number 3 of IC1, the 555oscillator. The output signal is differentiated by C3 and C4 before it's input to the base of power?transistors Q1 and ...

Bipolar /- 15V and 5V from Car Battery supply
This DC to DC Converter use Max 541 from Maxim, IC1 is a switching regulator that generates a 45-kHz signal that drives the gate of MOSFET Q1 BUZ71A from Motorolla. The source?of?this?power supply?comes from?a 12V?car?battery voltage. This DC?to?DC?converter have an ...

Computer Power Supply Options
The quality of power supply depends not only on power output. Experience shows that if a room is more than one computer and electrical network quality is low (often disappears voltage noise occurs, etc.), systems with powerful power supply systems ...

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