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Power Supply 0-30 2A Circuit With 1N5404

2015-03-16 10:21  
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This is a Regulated DC power supply with current limiter.

Power Supply


Power Supply

T1- Transformer 220-30 Vac 90Watt
F1- Fuse 500ma
F2- Fuse 3A
D1-D4 - 1N5404
D5-  Led green
Z1- Zener 33v-1w(1N4752)
R1- 2k7 1w
R2- 470 ohms 1/2w
VR1- 4k7 Potenciometer linear 
R3- 0,33 ohms 2w
R4- 10k 1/4w
Q1- BD139
Q2- 2N3055 -Put in dissipator.
Q3- BC548A
C1- 3300-63v
C2- 47uf -50v
C3- 330uf - 50v
C4- 500pf
C5- 500pf