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Power Supply DC variable

2016-04-20 07:49  
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Power Supply DC variable

This circuit is called a Power Supply DC variable is one of the best advantageous apparatus in the cyberbanking hobbyist’s work. This ambit is not an complete novelty, but a simple, reliable, “rugged” and short-proof, with a capricious voltage up to 24V and capricious so that it is up to 2A.

Capacitor C1 can be 2200 to 6800?F, 35 to 50V. For Q4 charge be army on heatsinks to accumulate a acceptable breeze of acceptable output. For the 2N3055 transistor (Q4) can be replaced with a hardly beneath able TIP3055 type.

Componen used:

P1 = 500R Linear Potentiometer

P2 = 10K Log. Potentiometer

R1, R2 = 2K2 1/2W

R3 = 330R 1/4W

R4 = 150R 1/4W

R5 = 1R 5W

C1 = 3300?F 35V

C2 = 1?F 63V

D1, D2 = 1N5402 3A

D3 = 5mm. Red LED

Q1 = BC182

Q2 = BD139

Q3 = BC212

Q4 = 2N3055

T1 = 220V Primary, 36V Center-tapped Secondary