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Power Supply 13.8V 5A with LM338

2015-03-21 07:59  
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This ac to dc power supply can output 5A in continous operation and 12A peak current. This kind of dc power supplies uses a PCB so you can use two case types for IC1, TO-220 or TO-3. The regulation of this 12 volt power supply is made with TR1 ( multiturn ). IC1 must be placed on proper heatsink.

LM338 Power supply circuit schematic

lm338 power supply circuit schematic

13.8Vlow voltage transformercomponents :
R1=270R 1/4W 2%
C4-5=10uF 25V
T1=220Vac/15VAC – 8A Mains Transformer
TR1=4k7 (Multiturn)
D1-2=1N4002 (1A/100V)
S1=2 Pole Single Throw Mains Switch
C1=10000uF 40V
C2-3=100 nF 100V Polyester
B1=25A Bridge Rectifier
F1=250mA Fuse
IC1= LM338
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LM338 datasheet
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