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Power Supply Circuit of LTC1422

2015-03-21 18:12  
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Power  Supply Circuit of LTC1422
The power supply circuit of LTC1422 is as above.When the input voltage is connected,regulated diode VD1 controls the voltage of LTC1422 Vcc(8 feet) and Gnd(feet 4) and the voltage is 10V.GATE(feet 6)begins to output low PWL and it is connected to MOSFET(VT3) source.the gate of VT3 is connected to voltage Ui and the potential is higher than source,thus it can not be stopped.When the voltage on FB(feet 5) is lower than 1.232V.SET(comparator output end) pin turns into low PWL,VT2 and VT4 conducts,which makes the VT1 gate reach the ground. For the minum timing cycle,ON pin becomes high PWL once and the charging pump begins to work and voltage on GATE pin rises in 1OμV/S slope.When the voltage on GATE pin rises to 1.232V,the voltage on FB pin rises, which makes the voltage on RESET pin rise and VT2 and VT4 conduct.