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Power supply 12 V 5A, based on an LM338

2015-03-20 16:42  
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Power supply 12 V 5A, based on an LM338. Single output power supply 12 V 5A, based on an LM338. The diagram above shows all complete circuit of power supply, and is based on the use of common components, except perhaps for the voltage regulator was chosen here, an LM338, which is rarely used instead of the LM317.

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Single Output Power Supply 12V / 5A based on LM338 power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Single Output Power Supply 12V / 5A based on LM338
This Single output 12 V / 5A power supply provides power for equipment that requires a large energy (Audio amplifier for car radio, CB, etc.). It is built around a voltage regulator like the LM338 and capable of providing voltages ...

5V to 15V Power Supply using 7805 IC Regulator
This power supply based 7805 IC regulator, it can provides a regulated output voltage of between 5 V to 15 VDC, it is adjusted and set by a preset resistor. Maximum output current range of this power supply is 350 ...

Dual Output Power Supply /-53V / 3A based on Transistors
This is the circuit diagram of dual output power supply /-53V / 3A based on transistors. This circuit has been designed for audio amplifier power supply requires a symmetrical / -53 V ( / -56 V maximum). The role ...

Power Supply for 25W Power Amplifier based MOSFET
The circuit diagram of unregulated power supply above is designed to supply a 25 watts power amplifier based MosFet. The output voltage of this power supply is ±33VDC. Parts list : R1:3K3? 1/2W C1:10nF 1000V Polyester Capacitor C2,C3:4700μF?? 50V Electrolytic ...

12 V Car battery charger based 7812
Description of?the 12V?battery?charger?electronic?scheme : Below is?a very?simple?circuit?that can be used?to charge?12v?car battery. In this circuit?there is?installations?to?control?the charging current?and voltage. The?circuit is based on?the circuit?MC78T12ABT?IC?from Freescale. IC?is actually a?7812?with a TO-3?package?with a capacity of?3A. T1?is a?transformer?to?reduce?voltage?and the?diodes?D1?and?D2 perform?as a?rectifier.?C1?capacitor?is to filter?and?the?capacitor?C2 ...

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