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Power supply splitter

2015-03-19 20:50  
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Power supply splitter circuit can convert ±5V voltage from 9 V battery

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Power Supply Splitter 9V to ± 5V power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Power Supply Splitter 9V to ± 5V
This power supply splitter circuit can divide the voltage of ± 5V only from a 9V battery. This circuit consists of three ICs. The first is IC ICL7660, these are monolithic, CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converters that invert, double, divide, or ...

Convert PC Power Supply to Bench Power Supply
Why PC power supply..? Here the answers: A fact that standard PC power supply is very cheap. The new PC power supply will cost you about US$10 - US$15, but a bench lab power supply cost you about US$ 100. ...

12V DC Voltage Doubler Circuit
This is the circuit diagram of DC voltage doubler / DC converter. The circuit will convert 12VDC power supply to become a 24VDC at? and 18VDC. Almost any PNP or NPN power transistors should be work for this circuit. Parts ...

12V Nicad Battery charger 200mA/H
This 12V Nicad Battery charger 200mA/H circuit charges the electric battery at 75 mA until the battery is charged, then it cuts down the current to a trickle rate. It'll fully recharge a dead nicad battery in 4 hours and ...

DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V
This DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V schematic will convert 5 volt input voltage to 30V voltage. Direct current is converted into an alternating generator, which built on having the characteristic hysteresis inverter with Schmitt trigger and a resonant ...

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