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SFX Power Components List

2015-03-24 05:47  
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20 pin MOLEX 39-29-9202This article is a list of components introduced SFX power supply. This article is only a brief discussion, welcome to express their views.

20 pin MOLEX 39-29-9202?connector? at the motherboard

20 pin MOLEX 39-01-2200

20 pin MOLEX 39-01-2200?connector? at the cable


PinName ColorDescription
13.3V Orange3.3 VDC
23.3V Orange3.3 VDC
3COM BlackGround
45V Red5 VDC
5COM BlackGround
65V Red5 VDC
7COM BlackGround
8PWR_OK GrayPower Ok ( 5V & 3.3V is ok)
95VSB Purple5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA)
1012V Yellow12 VDC
113.3V Orange3.3 VDC
12-12V Blue-12 VDC
13COM BlackGround
14/PS_ON GreenPower Supply On (active low)
15COM BlackGround
16COM BlackGround
17COM BlackGround
18res  Reserved
195V Red5 VDC
205V Red5 VDC

18 AWG is recommended for all wires except pin 11, which should be 22 AWG For 300W configurations 16 AWG is recommended.


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