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Self-switching Power Supply

2015-03-21 01:11  
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Though in the prototype a transformer with a secondary voltage of 12V-0V, 250mA was used, it can nevertheless be changed as per users requirement (up to 30V maximum. and 1-ampere current rating). For drawing more than 300mA current, the regulator IC must be fitted with a small heat sink over a mica insulator. When the transformers secondary voltage increases beyond 12 volts (RMS), potentiometer VR1 must be redimensioned. Also, the relay voltage rating should be redetermined. visit page.Self-switching Power Supply - schematic
Another important feature of the supply is that it switches itself off when no load is connected across its output terminals. This is achieved with the help of transistors T1 and T2, diodes D1 and D2, and capacitor C2. When a load is connected at the outp visit page.