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Shunt Regulator for Solar Cells

2014-11-01 17:46  
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One application is where you need a Higher Power Zener, Possibly even a 100 watt rating.Another useful application is as a Shunt Regulator for Solar Cells that are usedto charge `Lead Acid Batteries`. Simply Place it in parallel with the Solar Celland use Diode De-coupling between it and the battery. visit page.Shunt Regulator for Solar Cells - schematic
A 13 volt Zener diode will work well for charging a 12 volt battery on Standby use. Or use a 14 volt zener a diode for a Standard 14.6 volt charge.The Output voltage of this Amplified Zener is the `Zener Voltage` PLUS the `Emitter to Ba visit page.