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Single Output Power Supply +1.25 V to 28 V / 1A Based on LM3

2015-03-16 06:10  
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Single Output Power Supply +1.25 V to 28 V / 1A Based on LM317
The voltage regulator used here (LM317) theoretically can provide 1A maximum current. Its heating depends on two factors: the potential difference between its input and output, and the current passing through it (which is what the charge will apply). If the potential difference is important, you can not make out much power to the controller. At the same time, the controller must have its input voltage of at least 3 volts higher than the output voltage (for 12V regulated output, the input voltage must be at least 15V). Knowing that the regulator accepts a voltage as high as 37V input, you will find what is reasonable between these two limits, depending on the desired current output. In summary, avoid using an input voltage too high for a low output voltage if you really do charge to 1A power supply, limit yourself to 5V or 6V differential. In order to to work the regulator in the power range for which it is said, it is imperative to provide a sufficiently large cooling radiator.