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Single output power supply circuit

2014-11-05 10:05  
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Single output power supply circuit. This single power supply schematic capable of providing a voltage between 1.25 V and 28 V at 1 A maximum intensity (or 1.5 A, depending on the LM317 manufacturer).

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Single Output Power Supply 1.25 V to 28 V / 1A Based on LM317 power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Single Output Power Supply 12V / 5A based on LM338
This Single output 12 V / 5A power supply provides power for equipment that requires a large energy (Audio amplifier for car radio, CB, etc.). It is built around a voltage regulator like the LM338 and capable of providing voltages ...

Single Output Power Supply 1.25 V to 28 V / 1A Based on LM317
This Single output power supply is based on the LM317 voltage regulator, a little more efficient in terms of noise and ripple rejection of 50 Hz, and can provide power for analog or digital circuits with low energy consumption (less ...

Single Output Power Supply 5V to 15 V / 1A based on LM78xx
This power supply is very simple and suitable for the device either analog or digital type. Key Features of the power supply: Voltage: 5 V, 6 V, 8 V, 9 V, 12 V or 15 V Current: 1 A Regulated: ...

Single Power Supply with Soft Start
This? Single power supply with soft start circuit which presented here has a simple concept, small power, smooth voltage. This power supply voltage is actually used for control kit K8003 ? VELLEMAN, which allows to smooth ignition the exterior halogen ...

A Simply 9V / 2A Power Supply
A simple 9 Volt 2 amp power supply using a single IC regulator. This is very simple circuit. Everything is done by the regulator. The 78S09 can provide up to 2 amps continuous output while maintaining a low noise and ...

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