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Solar Powered Animal Scarer

2014-11-21 07:16  
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Here is a solar powered Flasher to scare away the nocturnal animals like bats and cats from the farm yard or premises of the house. The brilliant multicolored flashes confuse these animals and they avoid the hostile situation. It is fully automatic, turns on in the evening and turns off in the morning.

The circuit has an LDR controlled oscillator built around the Binary counter IC CD 4060.The functioning of the IC is controlled through its reset pin 12. During day time, LDR conducts and keeps the reset pin of IC high so that it remains dormant. During night, LDR cease to conduct and the reset pin will be grounded through VR1. This triggers the IC and it stats oscillating using the components C1 and VR2. Output pins 7, 5 and 4 are used to power the LEDs strings. VR1 adjusts the sensitivity of LDR and VR2, the flashing rate of LEDs. High bright Red, Blue and White LEDs are used in the circuit to give brilliant flashes. Red LEDs flash very fast, followed by blue and then White. White LEDs remains on for few seconds and provide light to a confined area. More LEDs can be added in the strings if desired. The circuit can also function with 12 volt DC.

Animal Repellent Circuit Diagram


The circuit uses a solar powered battery power supply. During daytime, battery charges through R1 and D1.Green LED indicates the charging mode. During night time current from the solar cell decreases and D1 reverse biases. At the same time D2 forward biases to provide power to the circuit. Resistor R1 restricts the charging current and the high value capacitor C1 is a buffer for current.

Animal Scarer Solar Power Supply


4060 datasheet
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