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Stabilized power supply 40 V, 1.2 A

2014-11-08 23:36  
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Stabilized power supply 40 V, 1.2 A circuit diagram

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Stabilized power supply 40 V, 1.2 A power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Stabilized power supply 40 V, 1.2 A
This power supply used to power the power amplifier amateur AF and has good parameters: output voltage 40V, load current 1.2 A, stabilization factor> 100. This power supply need 36Volt AC Input voltage. Parts list : R1 : 1K2 R2 ...

DC power supply 3-30V 3-30V 3A stabilized
This DC power supply circuit diagram is designed as an additional or as a permanent power supply for all general circuits based on a stable DC voltage between 3 and 30V provided that current consumption does not exceed 3A. Of ...

DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V
This DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V schematic will convert 5 volt input voltage to 30V voltage. Direct current is converted into an alternating generator, which built on having the characteristic hysteresis inverter with Schmitt trigger and a resonant ...

Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-15V / 1A
This is the schematic diagram of adjustable power supply which the voltage output can be vary from 0V up to 15V with fixed current output maximum of 1A. The circuit is very simple and easy to build, finding the components ...

Simple power supply 5V, 0.5A
The power supply is designed to supply a stabilized 5V various digital devices with current consumption up to 0.5 A. The transformer T1 is made on the magnetic core SHL20H32.?The network contains 1650 turns of PEV-1 d = 0,1 mm, ...

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