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Switch-Mode Power Supply Circuit Design using LM3524D

2015-03-19 15:21  
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The schematic appears below designedSwitch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) circuit diagram. This SMPS circuit uses asmps power supply circuit designpush-pull design topology and used LM3524D as the controller for handling voltage regulation. SMPS is built as solution to low voltage battery problems for mobile, portable or emergency-power operation.

As a simple boost supply, SMPS is designed for 25A output current and to make up the difference between battery voltage and a preferred output voltage level at the cost of some additional current draw from the battery. A SMPS circuit can offer boosted power and may give longer times from a given battery.

Full article in pdf that describesSwitch-Mode Power Supply Circuit Design using LM3524Dwill explain how to build such circuit in brief and clear description (source: sunsite.icm.edu.pl).