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TD4919 switch regulator power supply circuit diagram compose

2015-03-24 09:05  
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TD4919 switch regulator power supply circuit diagram composed of switching power supply IC
The AC input voltage of the circuit is 185~240V, DC output voltage is 10V, output current is 5A. The features are: It has the function of monitoring output voltage, overvoltage and undervoltage and the function of dynamic current limit. Regulation process is: Output voltage Vo passes R15 and PR partial pressure trough R16 and R17 feedback to pin18 and pin 19 of TD4919. The internal control of TD4919 is used to adjust its output switch pulse duty cycle to reach a stable output voltage Vo. The monitor of power supply output current is realised by the sample voltage of R11 monitoring(R11 is the sample voltage of VT source current). It produces control signalto control the output switch pulse to achieve the limit of output current. Undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring is achieved by R4, R5, R6, pin12, pin13 and the internal control circuit of TD4919.