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The ICL8211 low battery indicator

2015-03-17 00:13  
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The ICL8211/8212 are micropower bipolar monolithic integrated circuits intended primarily for precise voltage detection and generation. These circuits consist of an accurate voltage reference, a comparator and a pair of output buffer/drivers.
Specifically, the ICL8211 provides a 7mA current limited output sink when the voltage applied to the ‘THRESHOLD’ terminal is less than 1.15V (the internal reference).

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The lower battery indicator presented here it is based on this chip ICL8211 .
Many times batteries go flat in the most inopportune moments. This schematics enable battery voltage to be monitored and give an visual indication when potential drops below certain level.
Using this two equations you can modify the circuit to any given battery.
Ut1 = ( R1 R3 / ( R1+R3 ) + R2 ) ( 1.115 / R2 )
Ut2 = { ( R2+R1 ) / R2 } x 1.115

low battery indicator circuit ICL8211