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The self-made NI-MH rechargeable battery circuit

2014-11-08 03:06  
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The self-made NI-MH rechargeable battery circuit
1.The form of Vref When the external power passes the outlet X and the diode VD1, it is then filtered by capacitor C1. VD1 fulfills the function of protection, it can prevent TL431 from being broken when the external power is connected reversely. R3 , R3, R4, R5 and TL431 form the Vref, according to the figured parameter Vref= 2.5×(100+820)/820=2.80(v), this data is designed for the Ni-MH rechargeable battery(the voltage of a NI-MH rechargeable cell is about 1.40V when it is full). 2.large current charge (1)the working principles When the power is on, the power supply indicator LED(VD2) is glowing.