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Two way constant pressure source using two operational ampli

2014-11-16 15:08  
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Two way constant pressure source using two operational amplifier
Thetwo kinds of voltageof the circuit in the diagram can use a adjustor to dosynchronization regulation and the voltage deviation is very small. Its upside has no difference with normal circuit. The potentiometer R5 can change theoutput voltage.The voltage regulator tubes D1, D2 can be used as reference voltage. Transistor T1 is used as amplifier class, T2 is usedfor current limiting. Its downside uses zero voltage as voltage reference. Given voltage and virtual voltage compares through divider circuit R8, R9, R10 to generate opsitive power supply output end and negative power supply output end. Operational amplifier regulating loop uses regulation resistor R9 sliding contact to adjust to reference potential, namely zero potential, amplifier class uses PNP transistor.