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USB Power Socket Circuit Diagram

2014-11-20 14:00  
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Introduction about USB Power Socket  Circuit .The DC activity forthcoming from the cigar ignitor socket is fed to an adjustable, three-pin regulator LM317L.  Capacitor C1 buffers any disorder in the signaling supply. Resistors R1 and R2 regularize the production of IC1 to stabilize 5V, which is gettable at the ‘A’ identify person USB socket. Red LED1 indicates the outturn state and zener diode ZD1 acts as a protector against pinched emf.

Make the journeying on a general-purpose PCB and surround in a thin impressionable compartment along with the indicator and USB socket. Time wiring the USB outlet, ensure precise polarity of the give. For link between the cigar hit pin and the device, use a weeklong magnet material as shown in Fig. 2. Pin design of LM317L is shown in Fig. 3.USB Power Socket Circuit Diagram