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USB power supply with LM2575

2014-11-20 18:18  
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This circuit design is used to add power to a USB devices.

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Additional Power Supply for USB Devices power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.10W Adapter for Portable Audio Devices
Flyback power supply shown in Figure 1 uses a chip TNY278PN to convert input voltage of 90-265 over ouput voltage? in 5V and 2 A. This voltage is applied to the MP-3 audio players, USB-chargers, etc. To ensure tight tolerances ...

Additional Power Supply for USB Devices
Much the use of USB devices today, sometimes cause lack of power problem. How to know the maximum current that can be obtained from a single USB connector is limited to 500 mA. If your device requires more current, then ...

Seasonic X-400 Fanless SS-400FL
For fanless unit X-400 is a bit unusual: no walls, as expected, perforated, but where's the huge heat sink that forms the top cover? Without a doubt, Seasonic X-400 Fanless could surprise : externally it is more like a normal ...

Simple 12V to 9, 7.5 or 6V converter
You're traveling and you forgot to bring DC to DC converter in your car, but you need it. This simple DC to DC converter circuit can help you. This DC to DC converter circuit enables transistorized items such as radio, ...

Power Supply source 5 Vdc 12 Vdc
This power supply circuit shows a steady source of continuous power supply combined with an output of 5 VDC and 12 VDC to ground, it is estimated for designing a current of about 900mA Max, enough to power any digital ...

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