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Variable Voltage lm723 power supply

2015-03-20 23:27  
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Here is a variable voltage regulator using LM723 circuits. ThisLM723 power supply?have output on 1.3-12.2v 1A and over current protection. 2 sets the output voltage regulator. The maximum current is determined by the value of R3: the over-current protection circuitry inside theLM723 power supplysenses the voltage across R3 and starts shutting the output stage off as soon as this voltage approaches 0.65 V. C3 and C4, both ceramic, must be placed as close as possible to the integrated circuit, because theLM723 power supplycan be prone to unwanted oscillations. This way the current through R3 can never exceed 0.65/R3, even if the output is shorted.

Here is a schematic Variable Voltage lm723 power supply:

part LM723 power supply?:

Variable Voltage Regulator Circuit using lm723 400x108 Variable Voltage lm723 power supply

B1 40V/2.5A
C1 2200uF (3300uF even better)
C2 4.7uF
C3 100nF
C4 1nF
C5 330nF
C6 100uF
D1 Green LED
D2 1N4003
F1 0.2A F
F2 2A M
IC1 LM723 (in a DIL14 plastic package)
R1 1k
R2 Pot. 5k
R3 0.56R/2W
R4 3.3k
R5 4.7k
S1 250V/1A
T1 2N3055 on a heatsink 5K/W
TR1 220V/17V/1.5

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