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Voltage reference using FAN5358

2015-03-20 01:24  
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A very simple voltage reference electronic project can be designed using the FAN5358 IC which is an small 2MHz , 500mA Synchronous Buck Regulator ,manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor .
This voltage reference regulator project will provide a fixed output voltage from 1 volt , up to 1.8 volts , depending on selected IC .

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As you can see in the presented circuit diagram , this voltage reference IC require just three electronic components . Maybe you will ask : Why to use it for and not use a zenner diode or something else ( more cheap ) .
In some situations you’ll need a high precision , small and constant output voltage . In plus of that , the FAN5358 voltage regulator has many other features like : low ripple , internal soft-start, input under-voltage lockout , thermal shutdown and overload protections .
However the FAN5350 reference IC operate from an input voltage range of 2.7 volt to 5.5 volts .

Values for C1in and Cout must be 2.2u respective 2.7uF and value for L1 is 2.2uH.
fan5358 voltage reference schematic circuit