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TDA8560Q 2× 40 W / 2 Ω stereo BTL power amplifier ci

2016-04-20 07:50  
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Circuit diagram
TDA8560Q 2× 40 W / 2 Ω stereo BTL power amplifier circuit
The TDA8560Q is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 13-lead single-in-line (SIL) power package. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications. This amplifier will produce 40 watt per channel output power on a 2 ohms load and 25 watt per channel output power on a 4 ohms load. This audio amplifier electronic project must be powered from a 14.4 volts DC power supply.
The TDA8560Q contains two identical amplifiers and can be used for bridge applications. The gain of each amplifier is fixed at 40 dB. Special features of the device are as follows.


At the onset of clipping of one or more output stages, the dynamic distortion detector becomes active and pin 12 goes low. This information can be used to drive a sound processor or DC volume control to attenuate the input signal and thus limit the distortion. The output level of pin 12 is independent of the number of channels that are clipping.

When a short-circuit occurs at one or more outputs to ground or to the supply voltage, the output stages are switched off until the short-circuit is removed and the device is switched on again, with a delay of approximately 20 ms, after removal of the short-circuit. During this short-circuit condition, pin 12 is continuously low. When a short-circuit across the load of one or both channels occurs the output stages are switched off during approximately 20 ms. After that time it is checked during approximately 50 ms to see whether the short-circuit is still present. Due to this duty cycle of 50 ms/20 ms the average current consumption during this short-circuit condition is very low (approximately 40 mA). During this short-circuit condition, pin 12 is low for 20 ms and high for 50 ms. The power dissipation in any short-circuit condition is very low.

When the virtual junction temperature Tvj reaches 150 °C, pin 12 will become continuously low.


Pin 12 is an open collector output, which allows pin 12 of more devices being tied together.


· Requires very few external components
· High output power
· 4 W and 2 W load impedance
· Low output offset voltage
· Fixed gain
· Diagnostic facility (distortion, short-circuit and temperature detection)
· Good ripple rejection
· Mode select switch (operating, mute and standby)
· Load dump protection
· Short-circuit safe to ground, to VP and across the load
· Low power dissipation in any short-circuit condition
· Thermally protected
· Reverse polarity safe
· Electrostatic discharge protection
· No switch-on/switch-off plop
· Flexible leads
· Low thermal resistance.

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