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power supply (300V, 50mA + 6.3V, 3A max)

2015-03-19 15:40  
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This regulated power supply was built as a simplified outboard version of a PSU in my first phono stage. Replacing hexfreds with tube rectifier eliminates the need for power-on sequencing. Chassis (salvaged from a hospital laser PSU) size is 180W*240D*100H mm with a 125W double-C core power transformer and a 10H/100mA choke inside. visit page.power supply (300V, 50mA + 6.3V, 3A max) - schematic
Heater and plate regulators are on a same PCB (there`s only one heater regulation channel). No exotic components of any kind - a low-cost but ultra-quiet unit. There is additional 120uF of paper capacitors in the phono audio chassis (red bricks on th visit page.