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Five functions refrigerator protection(CD4060,C043,C033)

2016-09-27 11:04  
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Five functions refrigerator protection(CD4060,C043,C033)
The circuit shown as the chart is the five functional refrigerator protection circuit. The protection is composed of the time base signal generator, power voltage monitoring circuit, shaping circuit, the electrical control circuit, leakage alarm circuit. The time base signal generator is composed of IC1 (CD4060) and R1, R2, W1, C1 and so on. It can produce 3 kinds of time signals with 5 minutes and 40 seconds, 22 minutes and 30 seconds and 12 hours, time signals is combined by the IC2 (C043) logically, the output from the IC2 ⑨ feet every 12 hours 22 minutes and 30 seconds defrost time can control signal. Supply voltage monitoring circuit is composed of the IC3 (C033) and W2, W3, R5, R6, etc., of which W2, W3, respectively are the up and down limit preset potentiometers. When the grid voltage changes in the range of 175 ~ 245V, IC3 ⑥, ⑧ feet are 0V, no control signal is output. When the grid voltage falls below 175V, IC3 ⑥ pin outputs control signal. When the grid voltage is above 245V, IC3 ⑧ feet outputs control signals. Leakage alarm circuit is composed of the BG7, D3, HTD, W4 and so on. In case of leakage, the leakage current flowing through D3 is rectified to make BG7 oscillations, it drives piezoelectric HTD to make alarm sound.