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Low-cost thermal protection circuit diagram with adjustable

2016-09-27 06:24  
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Low-cost thermal protection circuit diagram with adjustable temperature limit and programmable hysteresis voltage
Thermal protection is very important in many power systems. Figure 1 shows a low-cost thermal protection circuit. LTC1998 is used for 6-pin battery monitoring SOT-23 package comparator. In this circuit it is used as heat protection. The thermal protection circuit can provide very useful features. Such as adjustable transition temperature, programmable hysteresis voltage and remote temperature sensing. When the detection point temperature rises. The voltage (Vbatt) of LTC1998 pin 1 will decline because of RT resistance. If Vbatt drops below 2.5V. The LTC1998 internal comparator transition changes, and Vbattlo (pin 6) turn to logic low. Pin 6 can be connected to the operation of the relevant power / soft-start (enable / shutdown) control side. Therefore, if the temperature rises to a pre-set trip point, you can turn off the power to prevent overheating.